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Hot Fitness Trends In The Millennium:

Adventure workouts, online personal training, and home gyms are just some of the fitness trends we'll see in the millennium, according to the American Council on Exercise (one of our Resource Associations.) Based on research, "workout watchdog" activities, and a worldwide network of certified trainers, the sports group has the following Y2K predictions:

  • Adventure workouts will be popular. Many people will swap treadmills and weights for rock climbing, hiking, mountain biking, and other outdoor activities.
  • Online coaching and personal training will be a cyberspace staple. People will virtually interact with their trainers from remote locations. New personal training sites will let you work with an exercise expert to design programs, track progress and learn online through real time pictures.
  • Fitness equipment will get much "smarter." You will be able to download workouts into a handheld device and take them anywhere. That way you can program exercise equipment on the road or modem directly to a website where a trainer can review your workouts and adjust your program.
  • People will get fit for a reason or to achieve a goal. There's a growing interest in triathlons, adventure racing and mountain biking. And more people will seek fitness for health reasons instead of solely for appearance.
  • Exercise that incorporates fitness into everyday life will become more popular. Home gyms will be a standard feature in new houses, just like kitchens and bathrooms. Warm-up outfits could phase out the business suit.
  • "Mindful" exercise programs like yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates will be more popular and appear in fitness centers and personal training programs.
  • Exercise programs for older adults will also be more popular, focused particularly on water-based fitness.
  • Martial arts theme classes will fade partly due to rising injuries by participants. Boot camp-style and strength training classes using resistance bands will likely take their place.

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