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Can you really firm up your arms in two weeks? — FoodFit User

Richard Cotton



You certainly can begin to firm up your arms in two weeks. The first changes that take place when you start a strength-training program are neurological. Nerves are stimulated in a manner they are not accustomed to and they adapt fairly rapidly. So, within two weeks your arms could definitely begin to feel firmer. The other half of the firmness equation is in body fat loss. So don't forget to manage your caloric intake and keep up with the aerobic activity. Upper body aerobic activities like rowing will also help. While rowing will not help you to specifically lose fat in the arms, it will make a big difference in muscle tone.

About Richard Cotton

Richard T. Cotton is the chief exercise physiologist for the American Council on Exercise (ACE). Richard oversees the ACE's studies and evaluations on fitness products and serves as the ACE's media spokesperson for these studies and other health and fitness issues. He has written numerous articles on health and fitness-related topics such as the importance of certification and safe and effective exercise techniques.

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