In Shape
Strength Training 101
A well-designed weight-lifting program can increase both muscle and bone strength and reduce the risk of osteoporosis. Not sure where to start? Learn the basics from our experts.

Burning Questions Do you know how many calories you're burning versus how many you're eating? Learn how body weight, diet and type of exercise affect the way you burn calories.

11 Ways to Get Going
Everyone goes through exercise slumps from time to time. Check out these creative solutions and find out what form of motivation works best for you.

Fitting in Fitness
Wondering how to make time for exercise? Read members' tips on ways to gain time, and share your own advice.


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End Zone

To tighten your gluteus maximus try fencing, climbing stairs, running, ballet and hiking. All of these activities require ascending, squatting and extending from the hip--the way to shape-up the massive muscle in your derriere.


The Nutritionist

Hi, I weight train 5 times a week and also do cardio, but I feel like I could have a better response from these activities if I had a better diet. I think I don''t eat enough to make up for the exercise, being afraid that I could get fat. What would be the best diet for me?

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