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Sports psychologists examine personal and environmental factors and apply techniques to affect the way one feels, thinks, and ultimately performs. Take the quiz below developed by Caroline Silby, PhD to find out if you'd benefit from learning sports psychology techniques to keep you on top of your game — in sports, business or your personal life.

Directions: Choose the answer to each question that best describes you. Then click the button to get your score.

Are you motivated

Do You:

Always Often Never
1. Worry about what others think of you?
2. Have difficulty regaining concentration when you make a mistake?
3. Make more mistakes when the pressure is on?
4. Berate yourself when you make mistakes?
5. Find it difficult to concentrate when things don't go as planned?
6. Get stressed about things you can't control?
7. Dwell on whether things will go the way you want them to?
8. Worry about messing up and the consequences?
9. Have difficulty seeing your strengths?
10. Spend time thinking about how to achieve your goals?

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