Herb Basics





An annual that grows easily from seed. Sow outside after the danger of frost has passed. Basil loves the sun and a moderately rich soil. When the plant matures, pick off the top buds to prevent early flowering.





An annual that can be planted in the late spring and grows easily from seed, but look for a slow-bolting variety. Cilantro loves the sun.





A perennial plant that grows in a grass-like cluster with a profusion of edible purple blossoms. Chives can be grown from seed or bought as a transplant, and thrive in full sun or lightly shaded areas.





Bees loves this perennial with beautiful pink or white flowers. A vigorous grower, either from seed or as a transplant, this hardy herb does well in sun or light shade.





Traditionally known as the herb of remembrance, this pine-scented Evergreen requires full sun. If you live in an area with harsh winters, look for a hardy variety or be prepared to pot the plant when it gets cold. Works well as a transplant.





Sage produces tiny lavender flowers and grows well in sun or lightly shaded areas. Works well as a transplant or grown from seed.




An essential perennial for any kitchen herb garden, thyme is very hardy and works well as a ground cover, in sun or part-shade. Works well as a transplant, but can also be grown from seed.


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