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Ask the Nutritionist

FoodFit Answers Your Toughest
Nutrition Questions

FoodFit receives hundreds of nutrition questions from you every month. In honor of National Nutrition Month, we rounded up your toughest questions and asked our top nutrition experts to answer them. We chose questions that impact your health and nutrition on a personal level.

Read on and see if you can cure wrinkles with salmon, eat healthy on the run, and much, much more.

Your questions have been answered by our top registered dietitians from across the country. Click below to see Q & As on the topics you're interested in:

The FoodFit Nutrition Team


Ann Coulston, MS, RD
Specialty: Diabetes


Frances Largeman, RD
Specialty: Sports Nutrition and Healthy Cooking


Christine Palumbo, MBA, RD
Specialty: Family Nutrition


Eileen Peterson, MPH, RD
Specialty: Cardiac Health

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