Whether you're cutting down on carbohydrates or just wondering what the craze is about, you'll find all you need to know about counting carbs in our guide. Check back often, as we'll be updating this area regularly with the latest carb news and research.

Fruit Carb Counts:
Avocado, ½ medium1g
Raspberries, ½ c.4g
Strawberries, 87g
Apple, ½ medium10g
What are net carbs?
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What's your favorite low-carb snack?
Turkey slice
String cheese

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Strawberry Smarts
Sweet red berries are super-nutritious and in season now. They also contain "good carbs." Learn about the part they play in a healthy, carb-conscious diet.

Cook with Berries
FoodFit Chef Bonnie Moore shares her tips and original recipes for enjoying fresh strawberries in salads, smoothies, desserts and more.

More Info for the Carb-Conscious:

Club Exclusive: Salmon makes a great main dish in a low-carb meal. Try a special recipe from Tom Douglas, chef at three landmark Seattle restaurants.

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car·bo·hy·drate (n) — The word on everyone's lip these days. What does it really mean?

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