Nutrition Smarts
Potatoes may seem pedestrian, but they are actually a nutritious, flavorful bonus in countless soups and dishes, not to mention terrific solo. Fall is their season. Learn how to shop for and store potatoes, plus get great-tasting recipes. Read More.

Fall Fruits and Vegetables
During the autumn months, fresh fruits and vegetables are surprisingly plentiful. Find out what’s in season now, from bok choy to pears to leeks, with our comprehensive guide. Read More.

Diet and Cholesterol
What you eat can have a major effect on your cholesterol level. Poor food choices can send it soaring. Find out which foods can help you lower your cholesterol. Get the list.

Family Dinners
Studies show that children who have dinner regularly with their parents may have healthier eating habits. Get easy, failsafe tips to make evening meals a family affair.

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Stay Fueled

Try eating three or four small meals, plus snacks to keep your energy up. Your blood sugar levels will be more constant, so you'll be less likely to run out of steam or reach for a calorie-laden treat.


The Nutritionist

I need some suggestions on how to lose weight. I have tried MANY diets to no avail. I know that I didn''t put the weight on overnight, but would like to see something different on the scales when I weigh myself. I''ve tried Weight Watchers, all I lost was my weekly fee. After about 6 weeks I took off 1/2 pound. I''ve read that my problem might be from carbs, but I love veggies. I tried the Atkins Diet and it worked for a while but I found it quite restrictive. Can you suggest something that I can do to at least take a few pounds off? That might motivate me into doing something. Do you suggest diet dinners that are packaged? Help me if you can. Desperate.

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