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Renewal Date:   12/30/1899

Cancel Subscription Renewal
Click "Cancel Subscription" to cancel your FoodFit Plan renewal or "Back" to return to your account page.

Should you choose to cancel your subscription, you will still be able to use your FoodFit Plan membership until the expiration date shown. To better serve our members in the future, please tell us your reasons for canceling. Please select all that apply.

I have not achieved my weight loss goal. I'm not using the FoodFit Plan.
I feel I've learned/know enough about healthy eating and fitness that I can lose weight on my own. I need more personalized advice and support to reach my weight loss goal.
I'm experiencing too many technical issues with the site. I can no longer afford the subscription fee.
I'm not ready to commit to a weight loss program at this time. I am unable to continue due to illness or health-related issues.
The FoodFit Plan is not worth the cost. I'm pregnant.

My next step will be:
I'm going to join another weight loss program.
I'm going to try to lose weight on my own.
I'm going to stop dieting.



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