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Figure out your ideal weight, and how to get there. Decide whether you'd like to lose, gain or maintain, then find out what you need to do to achieve your goal. You'll also see how many calories you burn doing the activities you love.


Enter your information into the boxes below, then hit the arrow at the bottom of the page.

Note: BMI (Body Mass Index) is a formula that uses your weight and height to estimate body fat. Bear in mind that muscle is more dense than fat, so a more muscular person is likely to have a relatively higher BMI than a less muscular person with the same body weight. Therefore, it is important to take your actual percentage of body fat into account when estimating your ideal weight. BMI is only one factor in determining whether you are fit and healthy.

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  Your Activity Level:
This question has been adapted from the Institute of Medicine’s recommendations. Please include the time you spend exercising, as well as the time you spend doing other physical activity, like gardening and walking.
I am sedentary, or active for less than 30 minutes each day.
I am physically active (i.e. brisk walk, jog, bicycling) for approximately 30 minutes most days each week.
I am physically active for approximately 60-90 minutes most days each week (i.e. 10-12 mile bike ride or hour run).
I do hard physical work more than two hours every day (i.e. fire fighting).

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