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Sun-Dried Tomato Dip

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Five spoons pb from oconomowoc wi on 12/18/2001 10:45:00 AM

a group of cooks taste tested this recipe and suggest it be made with non-fat sourcream. if cost is a concern or you can't find sundried tomatoes, you might try italian herb tomato paste instead. We thought this would be really good with corn chips, too.

Five spoons Muriel from Australia Melbourne on 1/6/2002 4:41:00 PM

Five spoons Anonymous from Alabama on 1/3/2002 4:20:00 PM

The fresh basil was hard to find and then it made the dip real bitter. I just di not care for the taste. I tried to doctor it up with gram marsala and it tasted a wee bit better, but the color was awlful for food.

Five spoons Jane from Burlington VT on 1/2/2002 12:21:00 PM

Maybe I just don't care for dips with plain yogart in them!?

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