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Chicken Pot Pie

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Five spoons Anonymous from Burlington Vermont on 11/18/2008 11:46:00 AM

Very good! My Father-In-Law (who needs a low-sodium diet and is a very picky eater) even enjoyed it and wanted me to make it again! I had to make some adjustments: no turnips/added more potatoes, no mushrooms/ added frozen corn and peas, added another 4 cups of chicken broth for more sauce (potatoes soaked up almost all of the broth), instead of the pie crust, I topped it with a buttermilk biscuit that was low in sodium, and cooked it for only 30 minutes. To prevent the buscuits from burning, I put them on the casserole after 15 minutes of cooking and after they were a nice golden brown, I placed foil over them.

Five spoons Anonymous from Great Falls, Montana on 2/12/2006 1:22:00 PM

This is a surprisingly easy, practical delicious recipe. I made it even easier by substituting a large can of refrigerator biscuits for the pie crust top. My husband and I ate this four consecutive days and enjoyed it each day!

Five spoons Monique R. from Alta Loma, CA on 2/26/2003 4:44:00 PM

It was a wonderful receipe. My entire family loved it, and requested that next time I should make two!

Five spoons RH from Philadelphia on 3/14/2003 9:20:00 AM

We modified the recipe a bit - used no turnips, and broccoli instead of string beans. It was excellent. We used to make a much heavier pot pie - this is so much lighter and tastier. Thanks for a great recipe!

Five spoons Jack from San Diego on 3/11/2002 6:32:00 PM

I like to add more turnips to this recipe and fewer potatoes.

Five spoons Teri K from New Jersey on 1/22/2002 5:42:00 PM

Five spoons Anonymous on 3/12/2003 5:23:00 AM

Five spoons Anonymous on 1/24/2007 4:46:00 PM

Five spoons Anonymous on 12/21/2001 2:48:00 PM

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