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Mama's Lasagna

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Five spoons Letitia from Roseville, CA on 1/28/2003 8:05:00 PM

The sauces is simmering and the jury's still out as to whether I would make this again...I'll advise when we have had some. Meanwhile: 1. Instructions do not include use of the mushrooms, garlic cloves, or oregano, specifically when to add. 2. Ingredient list does not include Parmesan cheese or and estimated amount of the Parmesan, yet it's to be sprinkled on every layer. 3. The size of the "large pan" would help. I used one of my largest, but was afraid all the ingredients wouldn't fit after I started! 4. My lasagna dish is 9"x13". Obviously the quantities in this recipe would not fit. Perhaps you should mention a specific size and, alternately, two dishes if necessary. Hope it tastes really good because so far it's been a lot of work. (But we do love lasgna!) If it's good it's worth it. Otherwise ?????

Five spoons Anonymous on 5/16/2005 8:06:00 PM

Five spoons Anonymous from Tulsa OK on 4/29/2008 10:45:00 PM

This was a really good recipe my husband actually ate vegitables. he barley noticed them.

Five spoons Anonymous on 1/20/2005 3:23:00 PM

There were a few things on the ingredients list that the directions never said to include. I would have also liked instruction on the best size of pan to use. I made this with whole wheat lasagna noodles and it was good - but be sure to cook them a little longer than the standard noodle. Also, it took a really long time to get all the ingredients to simmer with the meat. It's definitly a weekend project!

Five spoons Anonymous on 9/30/2002 2:07:00 PM

This recipe had good potential as far as flavor is concerned, but whom ever wrote it needs to proof-read it. There were ingredients in the ingredient list that never would have been used according to the instructions, I included them where I felt they would best fit. Also the last instructions to finish with a layer of noodles does not work, should be a layer of sauce and cover with cheese. If this recipe was reviewed and these things were fixed it would be dynamite!

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