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Plantain Empanadas

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Five spoons Anonymous from Columbia, SC on 5/26/2008 12:18:00 PM

This is TIME CONSUMING, and you need to use your own dough recipe. I used one I found on the internet, and it worked well. All I did was add 1 plaintain and the "dessert" banana to the dough when it was near completion. You'll want to make sure it is really cold when you are working with it and make sure you don't use self-rising or light flour - stick with all-purpose. The frying method given leaves a lot to be desired. I chose to go and buy a small deep fryer after this just because of the mess involved. The filling is great, though! I used Amy's Vegan Black Bean Refried beans and it was just as good w/o all of the lard. Instead of plain sour cream, I used the clianto/lime LF sour cream idea from the black bean/ cliantro lime recipe. I also made the same thing using fresh dill. And yes, with as little banana as I used you could still taste it. Next time I'll use more, but be warned. But very, very RIPE PLANTAINS. If they are not very ripe they won't cook correctly, and it will ruin your dough. This is why I used only one (there was only 1 at the grocery store worth using). Overall, this was fun, successful and tasty.

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