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Grilled Chicken, Beet and Cucumber Salad with Feta and Yogurt Dressing

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Five spoons Anonymous on 4/16/2002 10:31:00 AM

Five spoons Anonymous on 4/16/2002 9:48:00 AM

Five spoons Anonymous from San Mateo, CA on 9/18/2004 9:41:00 PM

This salad is delicious and was a big hit with my husband who loves Middle Easern-type foods. The most outstanding part was the marinade for the chicken. The tartness of the yogurt and lemon juice and the sweetness of the honey really come together well in it. I gave the whole salad 4 forks, but I would give the chicken by itself 5. The salad is really neat because of the different textures: the crunchiness of the cucumbers, the meatiness of the chicken, the softer textures of the beets and potatoes. My only complaint about the recipe is that they are dreaming if they think it only takes 35 minutes to make. I suppose if one had a sous chef to get the potatoes and beets boiled and everything sliced for you ahead of time, maybe, but for us regular folks, plan on it taking more like an hour and a half to make.

Five spoons Anonymous from New Hampshire on 4/16/2002 7:54:00 AM

Five spoons Anonymous from Chicago, Illinois on 4/15/2002 3:12:00 PM

Five spoons Anonymous on 4/12/2002 8:51:00 PM

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