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Alice Waters' Orange Juice

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Five spoons Anonymous from Riverside,CA. on 1/28/2003 12:44:00 AM

Come on everyone we don't need to be rude!

Five spoons Anonymous from maryland on 10/1/2002 9:27:00 AM

No problem with the directions. Who would heat fresh orange juice? Even if it told you to you HAVE to expect that it was an error. Maybe we need some recipes to help with creative thinking! Keep up the good work!

Five spoons Suzanne from New York on 9/30/2002 9:12:00 PM

Did I miss something in the directions? Someone commented (in a review of the recipe)on the loss of Vitamin C during the heating process, where does it say to heat it? I thought that it was great! I didn't heat it since that wasn't part of the directions. Help.

Five spoons martha from Princeton,NJ on 9/30/2002 11:00:00 PM

The directions are incorrect because it is listed under Cooking Instructions. There would be no cooking involved. The directions should say how to squeeze the juice from the orange, etc. (Hand squeeze, electric juicer, etc. I don't think much thought went into the presentation of this recipe. I squeeze fresh juices often and enjoy them in any combinations. Thanks for your ideas!

Five spoons Char from Springfield,LA on 3/31/2001 12:56:00 PM

I love infusing different citrus fruits with orange juice. I like that fresh squeezed flavor. This is even better with a splash of lime. Thanks again.

Five spoons MB- on 1/21/2003 12:02:00 PM

This is not a recipe, it is a no brainer. I was hoping for something, I could actually include in my recipe box. Who doesn't know that you squeeze an orange to get orange juice? How enlightening to actually add tangerine too. Whoever created this lame recipe should go back to the culinary academy. They seriously need a refresher course in cooking.

Five spoons Donna from Florida on 1/21/2003 9:22:00 AM

This is my second visit to FoodFit and 1st viewing of a recipe. I can't believe this is even considered a recipe. This is like someone telling me to pour water in a glass before drinking. I think if you are going to do something like this it should be "Here are several fruit juice combinations to try: and then list several combination." I can't believer someone would actually print this out and consider it a recipe. Sorry if my comments sound negative but still think it is a funny/strange recipe.

Five spoons Nancy from Ellsworth, ME on 5/18/2002 9:25:00 PM

While tasty, the heating process destroys vitamin C which is so important to our health. It also is energy consuming on many levels...and unnecessarily so. Just blending the fresh fruits in a glass is rewarding.

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