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Kale and Potato Soup

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  • This soup was flavorless and watery. I think it would be better if made with vegetable or chicken stock. I also would add more flavorfull vegetables or maybe some sausage meatballs. It needed something. I also ended up blending it all in a blender as it looked boring- kind of like it tasted. This is a great base recipe for soup, but definitely needs a little work to have a great flavor.

  • I agree with Stacy. It is a good basic recipe, but is very bland on it's own. I added garlic, dry sherry, dry mustard, and a bit of cayenne. It was good. I'll make it again.

  • I added some sauteed onion and garlic and it added some great flavor but this is an excellent basic recipe. You can do so much with it!

  • I dont understand why the analysis of this receipe states 1 gm. fat. If made as original receipe--there is NO fat!