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Pumpkin Bisque

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Five spoons Anonymous from Western Washington on 10/15/2005 11:15:00 PM

I made this recipe and it was wonderful!! with only 114 calories it tasted so creamy like a split pea soup consistancy. I didn't have bay leaves so i sauted the onion,celery,garlic, thyme with some rosemary which worked very well.

Five spoons j c caler from east hartford ct on 11/19/2001 2:20:00 PM

it was a wonderful change for my son who has trouble eating. it went down easy!!!

Five spoons Anonymous on 11/18/2001 5:04:00 PM

This is really good - rich and satisfying. It's hard to believe there is no cream - it's really healthy.

Five spoons Anonymous from new york state on 10/19/2002 9:12:00 AM

great recipe! i think it could use some cream for a richer texture.

Five spoons Jules from San Mateo, Ca on 9/29/2002 6:44:00 PM

I used Pumpkins from my yard, They were "Gifts from last years Jack O' Lantern' that got pitched" Also, cut it in to Pcs. to steam it soft, the shell scapes away quite easily, Very Tasty

Five spoons ldherman from California on 10/25/2001 3:10:00 PM

I bought the Pie Pumpkins to equal 3 pds. Putting them in the microwave to soften the outer skin did not work all that well, and it was very hard to cut in half. Also very hot to hold. It did finally work out, and was well worth it. Is there a better way to soften the pumpkin shell?

Five spoons -livia from Barrington, IL on 10/16/2001 4:32:00 PM

I love winter squash so I add either small chunks of sweet potato to make it heartier or pour it over a steaming bowl of cooked spaghetti squash. It becomes very satisfying!

Five spoons Anonymous on 10/15/2001 8:13:00 PM

Easy to make,very healthy.

Five spoons Marylou from Haverhill, MA on 11/27/2001 1:40:00 PM

The recipe said you could use canned pumpkin but did not say how much (I used 2 cans). Also, it seems like it could have used more flavor..more onion or celery perhaps. My 16 month old loved it!

Five spoons Dee from Warwick, RI on 11/11/2001 11:55:00 AM

The soup was good but a little bland I felt it was missing something. I would like to try again

Five spoons Anonymous on 10/15/2001 8:48:00 PM

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