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Summer Fruit Salad

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Five spoons Anonymous from Singapore on 11/3/2005 7:17:00 AM

this recipe is totally awesome. i hope foodfit can suply us with more of this fabulous recipes!

Five spoons Sara from Duncansvile, PA on 6/23/2004 1:42:00 PM

The family loves it! It makes a great picnic fruit salad!

Five spoons Alex on 6/5/2002 4:55:00 PM

You can basically have this fruit salad with any meal, its even great with desert! This is my favorite snack or side dish! You have to try this! It only takes 10 minutes to make 4 servings and its healthy and GREAT tasting! I loved it and I know you will toO!

Five spoons Anonymous on 4/9/2001 11:57:00 AM

Five spoons msghound1342 from Coloma,Mi on 5/1/2002 5:46:00 PM

Five spoons J. G. Bramlett from Dayton,OH on 3/5/2001 1:07:00 AM

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