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Irish Beef Stew

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  • Was very good my family liked it very much

  • My husband hates stew--he loves this one! We reduced the stew a bit to serve two, used Killians for the alcohol, and it was a hit that he just again requested! Delicious, satisfying hit! Great with rolls.

  • My family, especially my husband loved this recipe. He couldn't say enough about it and asked how much I made so he could take some to his father!! Even my picky daughter and 8 year old grandson loved it.

  • I made this stew three times! It is now a family favorite!

  • Greenline
  • My husband and I enjoyed this different version of beef stew and would make it again. I think the beer gives it a different but distinct flavor.

  • Typo in the recipe, it says let wine evaporate there is no wine in the recipe! The word should have been beer. Let the beer evaporate. And it gave it a funny taste too! YUK!