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Poached Salmon with Sun-Dried Tomatoes and Artichokes

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  • I have made this recipe for years, one of my favorites. I serve the salmon and sauce mixture over whole wheat couscous so its more filling. Usually use a Reisling wine in the sauce to compliment the artichoke flavor.

  • It took a little longer to prepare but less time to cook. It was so good, we enjoyed every mouthful.

  • Made with fresh salmon, this was wonderful-even as leftovers the next day. The sun dried tomatoes and artichoke hearts combine beautifully with the salmon.

  • It takes longer than 15 minutes to prepare - and it is somewhat tart and vinegary. But once prepared it was quite good. I thickened the reduced liquid with a little flour to give it some body. I served it to some friends who are wathcing their weight and their fat and sodium content and they seemed to really enjoy it. I would not rush back to it but it wasn't a failure for sure.