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Aztecan Quinoa Salad

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  • Delicious! Refreshing! I would cut down a bit on the vinegar. When I make it again, I'll add more veggies e.g. corn, peas. It makes a great buffet salad. It's filling, and tasty. Is there a recipe for soup using this grain that is just as delicious?

  • The recipe is great! But PLEASE change the name to INCA Quinoa Salad--not Aztecan. Quinoa comes from South America--far from where the Aztecs lived. Thanks!

  • Quinoa is a beautiful grain, so superior to most of the others - particularly white rice. It is gorgeous to eat, and I wonder at its very high price. It is not well-known which is strange, as everyone I've introduced to it loves it. This is a nice recipe, but virtually any recipe with Quinoa as an ingredient, would be divine - oh, the bonus is that it is loaded with nutrition!!! Thoroughly recommended!