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Brown Rice and Crunchy Vegetable Salad

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Five spoons Anonymous on 1/23/2002 7:11:00 PM

try your recipe's i would love to but most of the ingrediants you use you can not purchase when you live in the middle of now where and your grocrey store just can not pride us with most of it. why can't you have thing with common ingrediants? i would have to travel at least 85 miles to find some of the things you use then i am not sure they would have some of it!! just a thought i know most people live in the city where all of it can be found but some of us don't very few i know Thank you for letting me air my opinion. berta olson

Five spoons Jeff T from Fort Worth, TX on 10/5/2001 9:21:00 PM

Outstanding! We love this dish...easy and quick. Full of flavor and healthy as well. The cooking instructions good. Tip: Don't put the arugula and scallions in the boiling water....just add to all cooked items. we will make this many more times!!!!

Five spoons Anonymous on 3/26/2003 2:41:00 PM

Loved the recipe! Something different. Next time I make it I would add a little more mustard to give it some extra tang.

Five spoons Mike from Northridge, CA on 1/23/2002 4:31:00 PM

I enjoyed this recipe. As an older person who lives alone it is simple to make. I have found that as I get older I enjoy this type of dinner or lunch better.You can always change the vegetables to sute your own tast.

Five spoons Anonymous on 4/17/2001 8:50:00 AM

Five spoons ken from apache junction, az on 4/17/2001 1:10:00 AM

rice as i made it was a bit too crunchy but total flavor was good.

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