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Chimichurri Chicken

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Five spoons Anonymous on 7/19/2002 7:41:00 AM

Easy to make, and the entire family liked it. While spicy it seemed refreshing on a hot day. Was great the next day with chicken and sauce as a sandwich.

Five spoons Anonymous from TN on 5/20/2001 8:44:00 AM

I am like the other rate who said they had not tried the recipe. I probably will. The marinade sounds like something I would like and I love chicken. My comment has to do with serving the leftover marinade. When I want to do this, I simply cook the remaining marinade until it reaches around 200 degrees. Last time I served it, I boiled it in a pan that could survive the grill, then used it as a basting sauce while it sat on the grill, cooking more. We enjoyed the remainder along side the chicken.

Five spoons Anonymous on 5/16/2001 10:03:00 AM

Read the recipe says to pour HALF the marinade over the chicken. Serve the rest on the side.

Five spoons Anonymous on 5/15/2001 7:09:00 PM

I did not try the recipe yet. My comment is based on the instructions, which tell the person to serve thecooked chicken with the remaining marinade. You should NEVER use marinade AFTER raw meat has been in it. Really good way to get food poisoning. If people want some of the marinade as a sauce at the end, they should separate some out and refridgerate it before putting the raw meat in the remainder. You guys should know this, yes?

Five spoons Anonymous on 4/16/2002 10:54:00 AM

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