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Ancho Turkey Chili with Roasted Corn

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Five spoons Anonymous from Carson City, Nevada on 9/29/2008 11:24:00 AM

I've made this recipe when corn on the cob is in season and roasted the corn on the grill. I've made it with frozen corn, when corn on the cob was out of season, and roasted the corn in a hot, dry skillet. I've used California chiles (milder) and New Mexico chiles (hotter) as a substitute for ancho chiles. Last time I made a double batch and then froze individual servings. The result is always interesting and very tasy. Both my husband and I love this chile!

Five spoons Anonymous from kansas on 6/25/2007 5:59:00 PM

Made this last night and it was great. I do agree it's a little time consuming, but since there are only two of us we have a quick easy lunch for 2 more days.

Five spoons A.D. from Seattle, WA on 2/2/2004 2:39:00 PM

I was a little nervous because I'm picky about my chili. I made this for Super Bowl so my girlfriend and I could eat non-guilty while the boys pigged out on guilty foods, but even they liked it. I like my chili a litter spicier and thicker, so I will change the recipe a little next time. But we will definitely have this again.

Five spoons Linda S. from Kalamazoo, Michigan on 10/31/2003 7:25:00 AM

Excellent recipe. All the ingredients I like and it is easy to make. My husband and 12-year-old son loved it. I will make it again soon.

Five spoons Sue from Portland, OR on 1/11/2002 12:47:00 PM

My partner made this last night. She said it was somewhat time consuming, and would save it for a weekend next time. As far as the taste, this chili is awesome. I love it and would eat it again and again.

Five spoons cherylann from corinth, ms on 1/8/2002 4:23:00 PM

Five spoons Anonymous from Boston on 2/17/2006 2:46:00 PM

I loved this recipe. I used 1.25 lbs. of extra lean ground turkey, 4 cloves of garlic instead of 2, and substituted the cannellini beans for 8oz of pinto and 8oz of black. I used about 1.5X the amount of chili since I like it spicier and I soaked the yellow onion in water for a few hours before I cooked with it to dilute the potency. It was really delicious and all I need now is a great cornbread recipe to go along with it.

Five spoons Anonymous on 1/8/2002 11:33:00 AM

Five spoons Anonymous on 5/15/2001 12:36:00 PM

Five spoons Wendy from NY, NY on 1/30/2002 4:48:00 PM

I made a few changes. I couldn't find the chilis, so I substituted a fresh serrano chili. Since I was using a different chili, I did not blend the chili, I just chopped it up and added it. I substituted a can of corn and did not roast it. It was very yummy!

Five spoons Anonymous from Bogota, Colombia on 3/15/2001 6:59:00 PM

Five spoons Anonymous on 3/14/2001 8:26:00 PM

Five spoons Anonymous on 3/13/2001 7:20:00 PM

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