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Light Cantaloupe Smoothies

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Five spoons Anonymous on 4/29/2008 9:43:00 PM

Five spoons ashley from california on 4/20/2002 9:21:00 PM

i thought this recipe was great. it was really hot the day i tried it so it fit with the weather. i tried it with the mango and that was really good. whoever made this recipe , thanks.

Five spoons connie D from Los Angeles, CA on 6/28/2001 4:11:00 AM

I have been drinking this for breakfast for the last week. I have also done variations, like adding a banana or soy milk or a half cup of vanilla yogurt, and more cantaloupe (like one cup). It's delicious, and it needs no honey to me.

Five spoons Monica S. from Oshawa, ON Canada on 6/21/2001 9:46:00 AM

This recipe is really great. Even without the honey it's delicious. For some variety, I've mixed in a banana. This is now my new breakfast drink!

Five spoons Lisa B. from Grundy, VA on 6/1/2001 6:13:00 PM

This recipe is very light and enjoyable. The orange juice compliments the cantalope.

Five spoons aaron from cincinnati on 9/28/2003 4:43:00 PM

it was a quick tasty recipe; perfect for an afternoon snack

Five spoons jackie w. from canada on 6/22/2002 5:31:00 PM

tastes great

Five spoons Chloe from Edmonton, AB on 6/20/2001 10:21:00 PM

This recipe is great with crushed pineapple. A quick and easy refreshment!

Five spoons April from AlabamA on 8/6/2002 9:47:00 PM

The cantaloupe and the honey are an unusual taste combination that did not work for me. I might would make the recipe again but leave out the honey.

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