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Sweet Potato Soufflé

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Five spoons Anonymous from Washington, DC on 10/28/2005 3:43:00 PM

Loved this recipe -- fantastic flavor!

Five spoons Shelly from San Antonio, TX on 10/30/2003 4:04:00 PM

This was fantastic! It's perfect for holiday dinners, especially with vegetarians at the table.

Five spoons margaret from texas on 2/19/2003 10:08:00 PM

Five spoons Anonymous on 11/15/2001 11:16:00 AM

Dear Foodfit Rep, Could you email me and tell me if I can view the recipe reviews of other members or a tally of such reviews? Thanks a bunch, Darcy

Five spoons DIANE BEVERLY from FLORIDA on 10/19/2001 5:11:00 PM


Five spoons Kathy from St. Paul, Minnesota on 1/7/2004 5:20:00 PM

This is not a low calorie meal! What's the deal? Butter? Brown Sugar? Yikes!

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