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Mushroom Barley Soup

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Five spoons Anonymous on 1/24/2003 10:40:00 AM

This recipe is very comforting and tasty. Perfect for cold winter weather!

Five spoons val from newport news, va on 1/8/2004 12:09:00 PM

If you LOVE mushrooms this is a great recipe. I used a pkg of dry onion soup mix and then added all the other ingredients. I also used rice instead of barley. very very good

Five spoons Joel S from Novi, Michigan on 8/22/2001 1:05:00 AM

I have been dying to find a recipe that I can reproduce my mother's mushroom barely. Hats off to you for a fine soup.

Five spoons Kris from Minnesota on 12/19/2003 10:59:00 AM

Only thing is, the recipe calls for way too many mushrooms - I would use half as much.

Five spoons Bruce from South Australia on 3/21/2002 8:42:00 PM

I have made this twice now and found it easy and very pleasant. The second time I added a chopped cooked chicken breast and used chicken stock. Very nice.

Five spoons Diana S. from Golden, CO on 12/3/2003 2:30:00 PM

This soup was hearty enough, but the barley took longer to cook than the recipe suggests and the quantity of sliced mushrooms was excessive. Half the amount of mushrooms would have been sufficient. I needed to add more broth at the end, as well, which meant waiting another several minutes for the soup to reheat.

Five spoons B.N. from Harlem, GA on 12/16/2001 6:01:00 PM

My husband and I could not even finish our bowls of soup. It was easy enough to prepare, but I would not make it again.

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