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Grilled Chicken with Ginger-Peach Glaze

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Five spoons Evelyn Sydelle from Myrtle Beach, SC on 8/27/2003 5:02:00 PM

This is one of my favorite recipes because the ingredients are all easy to keep around, it is delicious, and it is also excellent using turkey breast fillets.

Five spoons Anonymous on 8/1/2003 10:46:00 PM

Five spoons DeDe Biren from Golden, CO on 6/9/2002 6:33:00 PM

WOW! So tasty for such an easy recipe - and healthy too. Everyone "licked" their plates clean, so I plan to make a little extra sauce next time.

Five spoons Anonymous on 5/6/2002 3:01:00 PM

Five spoons Cheryl from Binghamton, NY on 6/6/2001 2:23:00 PM

This recipe was really quick and easy, and it tastes great! We think the glaze would taste good with other foods too - maybe pork or shrimp.

Five spoons matt from ohio on 5/25/2001 9:42:00 PM

it alsome i told all of my friends

Five spoons Sade from pa on 5/24/2001 9:37:00 PM

was my turn to cook dinner tonight for Friday card club all the ladies raved about the chicken,I did not take all the credit,gave you rhe biggest share......Sade

Five spoons Lynn from New York on 9/18/2002 4:10:00 PM

This sauce was easy to make and delicious. I made long grain & wild rice to go with the chicken and the sauce was also delicious mixed in with the rice.

Five spoons MGill from Eudora, AR on 8/2/2001 10:13:00 PM

It was delicious and I expect it to taste better the next time. I didn't grill the chicken, I baked it so I know it is excellent grilled! My teenage daughter liked it so it had to be good.

Five spoons Anonymous from Memphis, TN on 7/20/2004 11:13:00 AM

Very high in sugar with the sugar AND the preserves. It was way too sweet; I had to compensate with more vinegar and soy sauce. I would recommend leaving out the sugar and only add it at the end if necessary.

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