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Asian Tofu and Vegetable Salad with Brown Rice

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Five spoons Anonymous on 8/21/2002 7:12:00 AM

I was curious about the carbohydrates before I try this recipe. 143 g. is more than I eat for the whole day, is this amt. correct per serving? Also the calories?

Five spoons Anonymous on 1/17/2002 9:59:00 PM

What is a tofu cutlet? REceipe sounds promising but the tofucutlet has me stumped.

Five spoons Anonymous on 1/15/2002 10:46:00 PM

The calorie count must be for the entire recipe. It seems way too high for a serving. Please reply. I would never even consider making it if it were 700 plus calories per serving. That seems to be a mistake.

Five spoons Anonymous on 2/1/2004 8:26:00 PM

Five spoons Anonymous on 10/23/2001 10:09:00 AM

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