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Kasha with Bow Tie Noodles

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  • this is a traditional jewish dish that everyone i know finds delicious!! this healthier version of my personal favorite, kasha and bowties, was great!! i recommend to all!

  • I have a whole bag full of kasha that I tried to cook with once months ago, with very soggy results because I didn't know how to prepare it. I haven't tried this recipe, but as a vegetarian who likes to experiment with grains, this recipe is full of important protein and interesting flavour. I'm trying it tonight with a load of green veggies. Cheers.

  • To much sodium,and calories from fat

  • the use of different grains and all the info you provide is first rate- for me, however, the carbos are almost and entire days worth and too many for me to even consider makink this.someone who doesn't have to watch those carbs as much as I do or growing kids would find this great.Since you asked me, personally, I would have to nix it. thank you lauretta e.