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Down-Home Cornbread

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Five spoons Anonymous from germany on 11/22/2006 1:32:00 PM

yikes! you guys need a new proofreader. i started stirring the wet ingredients into the dry and thought, hmm, this is quite liquidy. i looked at the recipe again and saw that you had listed "1/2 cup" flour. good thing i have my wits about me or i'd be drinking a corn smoothie. i took an educated guess and added an extra 1 cup of flour and it turned out great. NOTE TO OTHER PEOPLE READING THIS: should be **ONE and 1/2** cups flour. also, one thing i'm curious about - what's up with all the saturated fat? the only thing "healthy" about this recipe is that it's low sugar. (and the fact that it's not made of processed junk.) i substituted grapeseed oil for the butter and used white whole wheat flour. tasted great and. i have nothing against butter in moderation, but it's very easy to make this recipe healthier.

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