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FoodFit.com, part of The HealthCentral Network, was started in late 1998 in Washington, DC. Our mission then, and now, is to promote and enhance the health of consumers. By focusing on healthy eating and active living in the most credible and enjoyable ways FoodFit.com is recognized as a national leader in its field—the destination for up-to-date information on good food and good health.

FoodFit did not achieve this goal alone. Since the beginning, we have worked closely with an unparalleled network of food, fitness and nutrition partners across the country to provide the personalized tools and reliable content that has set us apart. Our partners include top public health organizations and leading dietitians, fitness experts and chefs. We are also proud of our relationships with Yahoo! Health, DiscoveryHealth, and many more.

Building on this array of tools, recipes and guides, FoodFit introduced in November 2002 the FoodFit Plan, a premier service for subscribers. The FoodFit Plan features a Diet and Fitness Plan created specifically for FoodFit by the University of California, Davis Medical Center. Based on the latest scientific recommendations published by the National Academy of Sciences in September 2002, the Diet and Fitness Plan provides personalized diets with menu plans and chef-created recipes, and personalized fitness recommendations. The FoodFit Plan also includes FoodFit’s customized tools, recipes, tips and guides—all combined to help subscribers lose or maintain weight while eating great-tasting food.

As you can see, our team is passionate about healthy living—and we want to share our ideas and our solutions with you. We hope that you'll visit us often for support and advice while integrating healthful habits into your life. And if you've got any advice, please drop us a line at comments@foodfit.com.

Sautéed Apples
Side Dishes
Ingredients: 2, nutrients: 9
Grilled Plantains
Side Dishes
Ingredients: 0, nutrients: 7
tortilla chips, baked
Ingredients: 1, nutrients: 2
Cauliflower-Potato Puree
Ingredients: 0, nutrients: 0
Todd English's Grilled Chicken Marinated in Yogurt and Herbs in a Tomato Chutney
Main Dishes
Ingredients: 16, nutrients: 16
Roasted Garlic
Side Dishes
Ingredients: 0, nutrients: 9
Allen Susser's Pan-Roasted Red Snapper with Orange and Mango Salsa
Main Dishes
Ingredients: 14, nutrients: 17
Barley and Black-Eyed Pea Salad
Side Dishes
Ingredients: 13, nutrients: 15
Rainbow Black Bean Salad
Side Dishes
Ingredients: 14, nutrients: 15
Basic Chicken Stock
Ingredients: 4, nutrients: 3
Alice Waters' Orange Juice
Ingredients: 0, nutrients: 8
Sugar Syrup
Ingredients: 0, nutrients: 4